Friday, June 12, 2015

Happy First Birthday in Heaven, Dad!

Happy First Birthday in Heaven, Dad!
Today's your special day
We remember past birthdays here on earth
Celebrations with balloons, cake and ice cream

You had the strength to fight for your country
And to uphold freedom for the oppressed
You also had the tenderness and love
To show your family that you cared

Raised in a family of brothers
You rose to the challenge
Of helping raise daughters and sons
In places near and far

Our father, our Daddy, our hero
Words can't begin to say
What you meant to all of us
The family who celebrate you today

We grew from little boys and girls
To adults who understand
That all of our days are numbered
As we embrace precious memories

As your days on earth faded away
We gathered close to you
From your courage
We drew our strength

As you travel Heaven's pathways
To places we can't see
We proceed to trek along
Holding you always in our hearts

We'll celebrate your special day
With cake and ice cream too
As all of us hold close
Cherished memories of you

Your last birthday on earth
Was marred by sadness and tears
But now you and Mom are together
Eternally celebrating through the years

Happy Birthday, Daddy!
Loved and missed always
In God's eternal embrace
And always in our hearts. 

- With love from your family

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