Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Greet the Day with Thanksgiving and Praise

This is the day the Lord has made
Each new day is a clean slate
A chance to begin again
Greet the day with thanksgiving and praise

Don't worry
It gets you nowhere
Make a choice
To choose faith instead

Awaken and welcome the new day
Whether the sun is shining
Or the rain is falling
Greet the day with gratitude

Life is good
All the time
Every day
In every way

Instead of complaining
Choose gratitude
Instead of worry
Choose joy and happiness

When troubles come your way
Don't dwell on them
Mom always said
This too shall pass

From the rising of the sun in the East
To its setting in the West
Beauty is everywhere
Just look around you

Be grateful to God
For the sun's rays
For the moon's light
For beautiful sights

As you pass through the day
THINK before you speak
Speak what is true and helpful
Inspiring and necessary and kind

Learn about love
By watching children
They love deeply
And forgive easily

Making a living is important
But don't forget
To take the time
To make a life

Each person is unique
Created with special gifts
Be who God meant you to be
Set the world on fire

Take time each day
To be still
And take delight
In the simple pleasures of life

Let your love shine through
In all you say and do
It sounds so easy
It's all up to you

For life is beautiful
Despite the challenges
No matter the worries
You have but one life to live

Give thanks to God each day
For the blessings He gives
More than we deserve
Given freely with love

Share the love
Find joy in the simple things
Love makes the world go around
Pay it forward and pass it on

At the end of the day
Give thanks for the blessings
Faith, family, friends
Let go of your failures

Each day is a gift
It's here and then it's gone
You'll never have it again
Embrace the day and enjoy

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