Thursday, November 27, 2014

We Give Thanks for All of These

Thanksgiving is a time we pause to give thanks for our many blessings. We are surrounded by blessings every day, yet we don't always take time to consider just how blessed we are. Let us give thanks for all of these.

Our faith in God renews us and gives us strength through times of trial. For our faith in God and His great love for us, we give you thanks. We live in a land of plenty with enough food to eat while others have little. For our willingness to share with others, we give you thanks.

Each of us has a unique story passed down through the generations. For the gift of our heritage and our ancestors, we give you thanks. Our lives are filled with moments we remember for years to come. For our cherished memories, we give you thanks.

The good Lord gives and He takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. We give thanks for our grandparents, now in His eternal embrace. On this first Thanksgiving without my parents on Earth, I give thanks in a special way for the gift of Mom and Dad. They gave us life and taught us how to live through their actions. For these, we give you thanks. May we offer peace and love to all we meet in their memory and in your loving name.

We have been blessed with good health. When our health fails, we live in a country with doctors and nurses to help and heal us. For these, we give you thanks.

God's grace brings us through every day. As we watch the chaos around us, God calms our minds and our hearts, bringing His peace and comfort. For this, we give you thanks. God is the giver of all life. Through His mercy and love, our children came into our lives. May God continue to bless our family. For the gifts of my husband, our children and our families, we give you thanks.

There's a special bond between a parent and a child that can never be broken. May we always hold our children in our arms and in our hearts. For the gift of children, we give you thanks.

How different our lives would be without our children. They bring us laughter and joy, blessings and love. Our cherished memories of their younger days remind us of who they were as we watch with gratitude to see the people they are becoming. For these gifts, we give you thanks.

From our children came our grandchildren. The mutual love between grandchildren and their grandparents is a wonderful gift. We give thanks every day for the gift of our grandchildren.

Life is filled with blessings, but there are also many sorrows. When difficult times come our way, our faith in God gives us the strength to persevere. Through the darkest of valleys, we know God is with us, guiding and protecting us along the journey. For the gifts of faith and God's guidance, we give you thanks.

Grandparents, parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins and in-laws are all a part of our family's heritage. Our extended family is a gift from God. For the wonderful gift of our family, we give you thanks today and always.

Every day, we are showered with gifts. We often take our blessings for granted while focusing on the difficulties in life. May we always give thanks.

The blessings of home and family, memories and life surround us. May we never take those we love for granted. For the gift of love in our lives, we give you thanks.

It's hard to appreciate the sunshine if you've never seen the rain. May we find the blessings in life, even when times are hard. May peace, love and our faith in God sustain us. For all of our blessings, we give you thanks. 

Blessings abound in our world. We touch others with our love and they touch us. Our hands become your hands to help those in need. For all of these blessings, we give you thanks.

Thanksgiving is more than a day. Thanksgiving is a way of life. May we always be grateful for what we have. You offer us your perfect love. May we extend that love to those we meet every day. You tell us to give thanks in all things. Let us give thanks today and every day for all of these and celebrate Thanksgiving every day.

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