Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dearest Jenny, Precious Daughter

Dearest Jenny
Precious daughter
First-born child
Heart of my heart
Delight of my dreams
Ides of March baby

The day you were born
I became a mom
So many precious memories
Sleeping baby, nestled close to my skin
Crying girl, calling for Mom

Daddy's darling
Tiny little miracle
Smiling, cooing, making faces
Rides in the car

Traveling across the country
Hanging with family
Meeting grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles
Baptism, child of God

Growing day by day
Sleeping through the night
First teeth, new foods
Rolling over, sitting up,
Crawling, pulling up
Standing, walking, running

First words
Favorite people
First friends
Favorite toys
New skills
Wonder and excitement

Places to go
Books to read
So much to learn
Playing the days away

Play with me
Little People
Care Bears
Tiny toys, growing girl

New baby
Big sister
New role in life
Gotta share
Love each other

Day care
New friends
Big kid school

New baby brother
Then there were three
Playing with siblings
Mommy's helper

Reading and writing
Math and science too
Dance and gymnastics
T-ball and violin

Grade school gives way
To middle school days
Phone calls and sleepovers
Changing classes and homework

In the blink of an eye
The years flew by
That's my girl crossing the stage
Proud mom with tears in my eyes

Two became one
A beautiful bride
Loving each other
Today and beyond

Surrounded by family
You said your vows
Then away you both went
To create your own future

My baby is grown
And now she's a mom
Sweet little Kyle
Your own little love

Four generations
The family grows
First great-grandchild
Little cutie

Your little man
Your family of three
Balancing it all
Feeling the love

Quick as a flash
Little Kyle's in school
Soccer and friends
Learning new rules

You always find time
For family and friends
Loving wife and mother
Sister, daughter, Aunt Jenny too

You never lose sight
Of where it began
Loving your sweetheart
Happy best friends

So many memories
Love and laughter
Family gatherings
Happy ever afters 

Look at Kyle grow
He's taller than you
Middle school child
Computer wiz too

You're always there
Cheering with pride
As your siblings grow
And move through their lives

All of you grown now
It all started with you
Still you find time
To be a great daughter too

Off to Columbus
New memories await
Finding time to spend
With family again

We love when you visit
We can all hardly wait
To gather together
With you once again

Heart of my heart
My beautiful first
Adventures await you
There's still many firsts
For your family of three

So proud of you always
My daughter and friend
Memories connect us
From beginning to end
Happy Birthday
With all of my love

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