Monday, August 17, 2015

First Day of School Memories

25 years ago, I sent my baby girl off 
To her first day of kindergarten.
Today my grown-up baby girl
Sends her baby girl off to kindergarten.

There are no photos from my first day of school
So many years ago.
Too young for kindergarten in one place
Too old in the next so I headed to first grade.

Kindergarten changes life forever
From home, parents and siblings.
To a much bigger world
With teachers and friends.

The lazy flip-flop days of summer
Give way to school, homework and schedules.
Daydreaming afternoons of fun
Fade into paying attention to teacher's words.

No more will my granddaughter be
The little girl waiting for the bus
To bring her big brother back home
Like her mom waited for her big sister.

Instead, she'll be one of 'them'
Those big school kids.
Shaped and molded with her teacher's love
To try new things and make new friends.

She already knows her way around school
Like her mom did back in the day
She already knows the kindergarten teacher
They're special 'water girl' friends. 

She'll take the bus each afternoon
After being a car rider in the mornings.
Making new friends along the way
As the wheels on the bus go round and round.

So many adventures await her
From field trips to dress-up days and more.
As she learns so many new things
Just like her mother before her.

The days will pass -- oh so quickly
From grade school to middle and high.
As she makes memories she'll treasure
With friends she'll love evermore.

More quickly than the blink of an eye
She'll be wearing her own cap and gown.
But for today, she'll kiss Mommy and Daddy
As she embraces the new adventure.

With love from Blogging Grandma Sandy
To our sweet princess and her Mommy
On her first day of 'big kid' school
August 17, 2015

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