Saturday, July 18, 2015

Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane

I'm taking a trip down memory lane
To the girl I used to be
Back in my high school days
When I was so young and free

If you remember me from back in the day
This is the girl you knew
Forty years have flown right by
And I probably don't remember you

Lots has happened to me since then
Some was good and some bad
I'm no longer that crazy wild teen
Who got in trouble from Mom and Dad 

I married once after school was done
I moved away, far from home
Left Mom and Dad and siblings behind
To Virginia I did roam

I raised three kids, the lights of my life
Of them I'm so very proud
Hang out with me for more than a few
And you'll hear me bragging about them loud

I've since divorced and married again
You'll soon meet my husband Kenny
When I married him 15 years ago
Two more children made five - more than plenty

Mom and Dad have left us now
It's been a difficult year
My mother-in-law followed them home
So sometimes it's hard to be filled with cheer

Our kids have grown and have kids of their own
Our three grandkids are the greatest gift of all
I'm now the family midget
Our kids have all grown so tall

Our three youngest kids made us so proud
As college grads they became
All graduating the same year
Working their way to fortune and fame

As we start the day and head down the road
We'll soon be back in town
No more science and math, just hanging with friends
From 1975 - the best LHS class around

Sandy Atkins Bottoms-Wallace
LHS Class of 1975

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  1. This is awesome Sandy. Thanks for sharing. You have a beautiful loving family.