Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Welcome to Wednesday, My New Saturday

As many of you in the working world celebrate "Hump Day" on Wednesdays, I am celebrating Wednesday, my new Saturday.

Since the mail processing facility where I worked closed in February, I have worked a variety of hours, mostly with split days off.

For now, Wednesday is my new Saturday. Starting next week, that will probably change to Tuesday, but nothing at the Post Office or in life is set in stone.

It's always good to remember that nothing in life is set in stone. As humans, we become accustomed to things happening on certain timetables, but we sometimes forget we are not in control of the universe.

I consider myself an amateur writer. Although I love writing, I'm still learning and often get deeply engaged in what I'm doing. With the columns I write on, freelance writing I do on various websites and editing the Lynchburg Macaroni Kid newsletter and website, I stay pretty busy during my non-work hours.

I recently moved my writing area from a dark corner in the living room to the bright family room, where sunlight streaks through all of the windows from morning until night. I love the sunny location, even when there's a little glare on my computer screen.

As I sat deeply engaged in adding events to the Lynchburg Macaroni Kid newsletter this morning, I glanced out the window and saw this absolutely gorgeous morning sky. Wow! I grabbed my camera and headed outside to get a better look and, of course, to take a couple of photos.

We often overlook the beauty that's right under our noses, at least I know I do. The simple moments in life are what we remember when we look back. Taking a few minutes away from the task at hand to just be present in the moment is a good thing.

As you get ready for work, I am preparing for an errand day. There's a lot to do, but there will also be time to just enjoy the day. Here are some of the simple pleasures I can enjoy on Wednesday, my new Saturday.

  • Lingering over an extra cup of coffee
  • A visit to Lynchburg Community Market for Green Market Wednesdays
  • Lunch with a grandchild at school or a friend at a local restaurant
  • A visit to Accents Flags, The Fresh Market, Givens Books or another local store
  • A walk on the Blackwater Creek Bikeway
  • An unhurried drive to wherever I want
  • An afternoon 'date' with one or more of my kids or grandkids
  • Dinner at a reasonable hour
I'm sure there will be errands to run and I already have a long to-do list, but I'll be sure to take the time to make memories too. After all, isn't that what life is all about?

Enjoy your Wednesday. I know I'll enjoy mine! Tomorrow will be another busy work day.

Until then I'll take what I can get when I can get it and do the best I can to face each day with a smile on my face, a prayer on my lips and a song in my heart.

Blogging Grandma Sandy, signing off for now.

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