Saturday, October 12, 2013

Writers and Runners: Because It's What We Do

On a dreary, rainy Saturday morning in Central Virginia, there are runners out doing what they do best.

Although it was sunny and clear for this year's Virginia 10 Miler, that's not always the case.

Runners run because it's what they do. Whether it's sunny or stormy, they lace up their running shoes and hit the road or trail.

Long runs mark their days off and rising with the roosters to get in an early morning run before work is the norm.

Writers are a lot like runners. Writers write because they have a story to tell, information to share and something to say. In short, we write because it's what we do.

Most of us follow the news closely and keep up with local activities and events.

Many of us work in cluttered areas with little scraps of paper floating around on the table and ideas for the next article floating around in our heads.

We are an inquisitive bunch, always asking questions about new things.

Most writers I know love to learn about stuff. Maybe that's one of the reasons they became writers.

I caught the writing bug in high school, thanks to a wonderful teacher who was known to us by her nickname, Pic.

Pic taught creative writing and challenged us to write every day. Although I got away from writing on a daily basis as an adult, I retained the writer's spirit.

Little did I know then that writing would become my hobby again later in life. Putting feelings and words down on paper is an honor.

This is a shout-out to all of the writers out there: the well-known and those whose writing is known only to themselves.

Keep up the writing and challenge yourself to succeed in your goals, just as runners do every day.

Blogging Grandma Sandy, signing off for now.

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