Thursday, June 4, 2015

Celebrating Mom: Cherished Memories

Today marks my Mom's one year angelversary. 
On June 5, 2014, Mom slipped out from the chains of this world
 and marched joyfully into her eternal home.

It still seems impossible sometimes that my Mom isn't with us. 
She planned to live to 120, but that wasn't God's plan for Mom.

I know I'll shed some tears today
I've already shed a few
The tears are about me, Mom
and not at all about you.

You're done with your journey -- you finished the race
I know there's a smile upon your face
While all of us who you left behind
Feel so alone and out of place.

Just for today, I promise I'll try
To cherish the memories as I wipe tears from my eye
I'll celebrate who you were and all that you loved
And try to stay busy so I won't sit and cry.

You loved all of your children
And our kids and grandkids too

Your God and the Girl Scouts
And the kids up at school

You loved Snoopy, Coke and ice cream
KFC and little boxes of juice

Playing with babies
And walking downtown

Working your puzzles
And word searches too

Your Mom and your Daddy
Brothers, sisters and grandparents too

Of course you loved Daddy
And he loved you too
We came from that love
And I'll always thank you

Once a young Mommy

You loved each of us so

Each of us special to you

From oldest

To youngest

And the middle kids too

We were a handful together
Some worse than others
But you were so proud
That we all called you mother

That twinkle in your eye
So wonderful to see
Was reserved for the grandkids
Who filled your world with glee

Some of them lived nearby
And others far away
But all were Grandma's favorites
Whenever they came to play

You taught us well, dear Mom
To make the best of things

To put our faith always in God
And know that He's in charge

To cherish those you love
And that chocolate's always best

To light a special candle
When anyone needs help

To take time to smell
The flowers of life

To take it as it comes
And know that this too shall pass

Our God is a God of mercy
Of hope and of endless love
Our Mom who we all love so much
Is waiting with Him above 

On your first angel anniversary
Always in my heart
Never forgotten
Always loved

XOXO Love, Ciss

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  1. Beautifully said, Grandma Sandy. Hugs and prayers today.