Sunday, June 21, 2015

To My Dad, My Hero

I miss you every day, Dad
But today's a special day
A year ago today you left this earth
Following Mom along Heaven's way

You taught us many lessons
By the way you lived your life
About courage and love and duty
Helping others and dealing with strife.

You answered freedom's call like many others
Although you were just a young man
Bravely walking into the face of danger
Always ready with a plan.

In World War II, Korea and Vietnam
Your country you proudly served
Fighting for the rights of others
And for freedom to be preserved.

Kids don't know much about heroes
Or why dads do the things they do
But any kid can tell you
A Dad's love is always true.

You taught us about love of family
And to look out for each other
But whenever we asked for anything
You told us, "Go ask your mother."

Your love for Mom ran deep
More deep than we could know
As she slipped away into God's embrace
You knew it was your time to go.

On Father's Day I thank you
For gifts of life, courage, strength and love
As you celebrate in Heaven
My special angel up above.

Dad, save a place for me up there
Put in a good word for me too
Someday I'll be singing "Almost Home"
As I prepare to join God, Mom and you.

I remember precious memories
You're always in my heart
Someday we'll be together again
Though for today, we are apart.

You set an example of family life
And taught me what to do
To raise my kids to be good people
Who help others - just like you.

Thanks for everything, Daddy
Your love and the lessons too
I'll hold you always deep in my heart
And strive to be just like you.
Loved and missed always, but forever in my heart
Love, Ciss

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  1. Beautifully said, Grandma Sandy. Hugs and prayers today.