Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Birthday to America!

Happy 239th Birthday to America!
Long may our flag wave
A symbol of our freedom
Won by the blood of those who served

The price of freedom can be seen 
At Arlington National Cemetery

Row upon row of graves 
Marked with the names of heroes

Where the Old Guard honors the memory of the Unknowns

The price of freedom is seen in the faces of children
Whose parents paid the ultimate sacrifice
The cost of our freedom

 We are free to fly the flag of freedom
Free to march or ride in parades

Free to set off fireworks 
Even in our own back yards

Free to host a cookout
Free to spend time with family and friends

Free to enjoy a baseball game
And stay for the fireworks show that follows

The flag we wear on our chest
Or painted on our face

The flag of freedom
Carried by generations of heroes
As they marched off to war
Far from home and family

Freedom is not free
Our heroes know the cost

The cost of freedom
Paid by their blood and sacrifice

The brave men and women who served in Korea
More than nameless faces etched on a wall

The debt for our freedom
Can never be repaid

As we celebrate freedom
In our own special way

We sing patriotic songs
And gather with our friends

Teach our children to honor this country
And to always let freedom ring

The price of freedom can be seen
In the faces of our veterans
In the scars they carry
And the memories they can't escape

As battle raged all around
They cared for each another 
Like the brothers they became
Leaving no man behind

Never forgetting those who didn't come home

Names written on scores of dog tags

Names etched in the memories of their brothers
And forever remembered on memorial walls 

They gave us the land of the free
By their sacrifices and bravery

Leaving behind those they loved
All in the name of freedom

So line the streets and celebrate freedom
From sea to shining sea
With voices raised and flags waving
Celebrating freedom for you and me!

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