Thursday, May 28, 2015

Happy First Birthday in Heaven, Mom!

You were smiling on your birthday in this photo five short years ago. You joined us in the birthday song: "Happy Birthday to ME," you sang.

When I think of you today on your first birthday in Heaven, this is just how I see you -- filled with joy, laughing, singing and happily surrounded by your parents, brothers and many others you love.

I know you're safely home with God, just where you're supposed to be. But that doesn't stop the pain deep in my heart that comes from missing you. 

I think of you in the morning, when each day dawns anew. I think of you in the day, remembering lunch time walks taken while talking with you by phone. I think of you in the evening and when I close my eyes to sleep. You're never far from my thoughts.

You dropped a penny down to me the day you went away. As the days have passed by, the penny pile has grown -- and includes nickels, dimes and quarters too.

Some days when I look up to the sky, I see angel clouds or clouds shaped like hearts and I know you're watching over all of us.

Sometimes I see butterflies -- often in pairs -- dancing in the meadow or flitting from flower to flower. Maybe you've sent them down so I'll feel your love surrounding me.

I can't send flowers to Heaven, but I'm sure that there's no need. Heaven must be filled with flowers much more beautiful than these. 

Heaven's the perfect place -- more beautiful than we can imagine. How fitting it is that my beautiful Mom is forever at peace in such a wonderful place. None of us knows just what it's like up in your eternal home. Perhaps Heaven is filled with all of your favorite things.

Maybe there are brownies for breakfast -- or anytime your heart desires. 

Perhaps there's a Jayhawk or two to keep you warm.

Heaven may hold a puzzle stockpile to last you through eternity.

There may even be a Snoopy or two up there in Heaven with you.

Maybe there's KFC up there for you to enjoy.

Coke in Heaven? Who knows -- but whether or not there's Coke up there, I'm sure that you're wearing that same big smile. Because to be in God's presence is certainly worth smiling about.

The streets of Heaven may be paved with gold, but maybe there's springtime flowers too.

We miss you here every day, but you're finally reunited with so many of those you've loved and missed for years.

Here's flowers for you to enjoy, Mom
All of your favorite colors are here
As I look at flowers in my garden
I feel your presence here.

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Mom
I'm sure the celebration's grand
I'll try today to choose joy over sadness
As I remember the warmth of your hands

You're always in my heart
Even if I can't see your face
I know you're up there waiting
For us all to be together in that perfect place.


On your birthday and always
You're loved and missed forever
With all my love

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